Why we love tests so much?

In one project, aiming to support students at choosing their career, we have created a test, supporting to narrow down the possibilities. Little did we know how popular this test would become. In a month, without any extensive promotion, 1000 students filled in our test and thanks to this, got to know also about our […]

Research Steps of Innovation Station Project

DAISSy Research Group of the Hellenic Open University (HOU), the partner representing Greece in the consortium of Innovation Station project, completed the first step of the research on “A new approach towards online and blended education” based on data from different European countries. The research focuses on the value of online learning and how it […]

Innovation Station Exchange Seminar in Brussels

From 4 to 9 November, 24 students, teachers, and education practitioners from all over Europe gathered to exchange their experiences of online and blended learning in Brussels. Sam Haag, International Officer Aktion Kritischer Schüler_innen (AKS), Austria: “I came here because I felt the theme of the seminar was very interesting. I had a lot of […]

What is Innovation Station project?


The educational system is not open to changes due to the lack of time and space for teachers to experiment new styles and methods, and to the lack of appropriate response towards the new trends and technologies. Students are taught to learn passively, without managing their own learning process and engaging in it.  With the […]

In one giant classroom, four teachers manage 135 kids – and love it

Schools in Mesa, Arizona, piloted a team teaching model to combat declining enrollment and teacher shortages; now the approach is spreading. A teacher in training darted among students, tallying how many needed his help with a history unit on Islam. A veteran math teacher hovered near a cluster of desks, coaching some 50 freshmen on […]