Online Teacher Workshop: Project Based Learning and E-safety in the Online and Blended Learning Environment

How can we apply project-based and problem-based learning to the online and blended classroom to create a meaningful learning experience for students? What challenges and opportunities does online project based learning offer you and your students? How does the online and blended learning environment impact your role as a teacher? These are all questions that Ute Ackermann Boeros, co-author of the Guidelines for Teachers in the Innovation Station project, will tackle during the first session of this two-day Online Teacher Workshop on Wednesday 28 February at 5.00 PM – 7.30 PM CET. She will present best practices and invite you to take part in interactive activities with your peers to exchange experiences. 

On the second day, Thursday 29 February from 5.00 – 7.30 PM CET, co-author of the Guidelines for Teachers, Igor Radulovic will dive into the concept of e-safety in an online and blended learning environment. What are the key principles of e-safety and what are the different aspects of it that teachers need to take into consideration for ensuring a safe teaching and learning environment? Igor will also provide tools to  help teachers improve e-safety standards at their schools and minimise the risk of cyberbullying

You can find the full programme of the event and the information to register here. Participants taking part on both days will be granted a Certificate of Attendance

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