The Innovation Station teacher’s guidelines

Research within the Innovation Station project has proven that online and blended learning can remain a struggle for educators even nowadays. It can be challenging to navigate not only the use of blended and online learning but equally find ways to do it well. Through their nature, blended and online learning require a different approach to teaching and learning than in-person classes. Not only that, but they can even offer exciting methods that are engaging and can prove a valuable addition to education, even in times where a pandemic is no longer impacting our lives as it did a few years ago.

As a result of the conducted research, EuroClio, supported by the project partners, is currently developing guidelines for teachers that contain best practices to facilitate and improve online and blended education. After launching a call for authors last year, we have selected a team of experienced educators to channel their knowledge of the subject into a guide that is aimed at teachers of all expertise levels and subject areas. Katarzyna Pelc, Igor Radulovic and Ute Ackermann Boeros are working to create guidelines that

  • provide engaging and inclusive methods and best practices for teaching in an online or blended format
  • include ways to foster and encourage self-directed learning of the students
  • will be transferable to different countries around Europe and across subjects

The guidelines will be completed this summer just in time for the staff training where teachers will dive into the guidelines and their adaptation in their own context. Applications to join this training in Foligno (Italy) are still open until 14 May 2023. We are looking forward to seeing you there!

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