Insights from the Innovation Station Italian Multiplier Event

The Innovation Station Erasmus+ project ended in Italy with a multiplier event held in the lively setting of the CREA CULTURA festival. The day brought together around 60 participants: students and teachers from local vocational education and training (VET) institutions, high schools and international schools, and served as an opportunity to present the project results and collaboratively plan future initiatives for lasting impact.

Participants engaged in a series of activities designed to foster interaction and dialogue, with a focus on exploring the potential of the project’s flagship offering, the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on learning to learn.

A brief introduction to the project set the stage for discussions during the World Café session, where students and teachers exchanged insights, experiences and ideas for maximising the use of the project resources. 

A relevant aspect of the participants’ feedback was the transformative impact of delivering educational content through “unconventional” channels. The availability of the MOOC on the Spotify platform resonated strongly with the students, significantly increasing its attractiveness and accessibility, along with the easily accessible and fast-paced video-pills. 

This innovative approach not only satisfied different learning preferences, but also underlined the project’s commitment to embrace contemporary digital trends to engage and empower students.

Furthermore, participants expressed a strong interest in exploiting the project results beyond the confines of the conference, emphasising the importance of continuous collaboration and the creation of a communicative space between teachers and students to learn from each other.

Many expressed their enthusiasm for exploring further projects on the topic, inter-institutional partnerships and community-based initiatives to further amplify the project’s impact and reach.

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