Within the project, the partners will develop guidelines for teachers on online education, including good practices and engaging and inclusive methods for online teaching. These ones will be submitted to teachers to peer review and then disseminated also during the events that the consortium will organise.

And to make sure the outputs reach the target groups in a way that also meets their needs, 3 main activities will take place, 2 corresponding to the first output and one corresponding to the second:

  • An exchange seminar bringing together educators and students to discuss their needs in terms of online learning and digital education, that will mainly feed the guidelines for teachers but also the MOOC;
  • Teacher training on how to use the guidelines and on digital competences and engaging methods for online education;
  • Social media account with MOOC key content and tips and tricks on self-directed and self-paced learning.

The guidelines for teachers will be made into a resource to assist partners as they engage students and target groups in online settings, but also by any teacher or organisation working with teachers, within and without our network.

The partnership establishes a common vision on this topic, to ensure that online safety, data and child protection are ensured throughout the different activities and outputs. Standards and principles of online safety and data protection will be set as a guide and basis for the rest of the project.

Download here the Guidelines for Teachers