Best practices

The best practices for teacher analysis and report have the main objectives:

  • To explore and research different methods and practices in online education, and how they can be adapted towards formal education (especially subject-based digital learning, i.e. STEM, civic education, language learning);
  • To investigate the ways in which young people learn and what motivates them to engage more in the online classroom and their education process in order to
    facilitate their own learning;
  • To develop guidelines and resources for teachers to work online, including guidelines for fostering and encouraging self-directed learning of the students;
  • To equip teachers with the skills and knowledge to implement online and blended educational activities while keeping their students engaged and motivated, as well as with the necessary materials (guidelines) to support them in the process to move education online;
  • To foster a collaborative approach and mutual understanding through the creation of spaces for teacher-student meaningful dialogue and interaction.

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Study methods for online and blended teaching