As the only Greek State University that offers formal and non-formal lifelong education, at both undergraduate and postgraduate level to over 40.000 students, all of the HOU day-to-day activities bring a valuable perspective to the project implementation. Its training methodology combines distance learning with principles of adult education, relies heavily on digital material and virtual meetings and uses online training platforms and tools. This makes HOU well suited to conduct a study on the best practices and tools for online and blended learning. Furthermore, the DAISSy research group develops society-centred educational and technological research, supports communities of practice, develops online learning platforms, MOOCs and 3D environments, enables the development of digital and citizenship skills, promotes inclusion and multiculturalism, and adopts standards (e-CF, DigComp, ECTS, ECVET, EQAVET etc.). 

Design of training curricula: DAISSy can conduct training needs / offers analyses and produce reports at local, regional, national and European levels, through its collaboration with authorities, labor institutes and career advisory centers. Based on the outcome, DAISSy can design education/training curricula to meet these needs based on learning outcomes and encompassing European tools, such ECTS, ECVET and EQAVET. 

Design of online materials, courses and platforms: DAISSy has pioneered the development of training material based on learning outcomes combined with taxonomies of teaching subjects, including course outlines and online courses at both national and EU levels. It also developed online guides for the development and educational use of high quality training digital material for more than 15 media types (including presentations, videos, games, etc). This includes the development and maintenance of online platforms, especially in peer learning platforms that integrate social computing tools 

HOU is a member of EADTU, EUA, Eurashe and the Greek Digital Skills and Jobs coalition. It applies the ISO 9001:2008, ISO 27001:2013 and ELOT 1429:2008 quality standards.

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