The European Association of History Educators is a non-profit civil society organisation established in 1992 with the support of the Council of Europe to build bridges between history education professionals from all parts of the then recently reunited Europe. Its core mission is to support the development of responsible and innovative history, heritage, and citizenship education by promoting critical thinking, mutual respect, peace, stability and democracy.

Through all its activities the NGO has an annual average face-to-face outreach of approx. 15.000 education professionals in over 30 countries. Over the course of over 25 years, EuroClio together with its member associations implemented over 20 national, regional, and pan-European long-term projects, in the course of which it mobilized thousands of stakeholders, establishing new professional networks and consortia and stimulating existing ones, providing cross-border professional capacity development for educators, policymakers and civil society organisations. EuroClio has a successful track record of working across borders, sectors and disciplines with a multitude of partners and creating common ownership and commitment to a project. In its work, the association advocates a bottom-up approach based on the promotion of lifelong learning, the transnational exchange of knowledge and practices, and sustainable cross-border capacity building.

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