Training Course on “Blended Learning: Education of Tomorrow, Today”

The DAISSy Research Group of the Hellenic Open University (HOU) has successfully completed the Training Course (TC) on “Blended Learning: Education of Tomorrow, Today”, as part of the “Innovation Station: A New Approach to Online and Blended Learning (InnStation)” European co-funded project, currently undergoing by the  DAISSy-HOU as the Greek partner.

It is noteworthy that the TC of the Innovation Station project had a laboratory format and was attended by twenty-five (25) teachers of Primary and Secondary Education, who acquired valuable knowledge on the implementation of the blended learning model and self-directed learning in practice. The TC aims at the design of digital material and digital courses, supportive to face-to-face learning, by utilizing tools such as software, applications, platforms and the exchange of European good practices that enhance and cultivate the autonomy of learners.


Specifically, the TP of the Innovation Station project:

  • Was based on the blended learning model, with asynchronous and synchronous participation in the LAMS platform and was available free of charge.
  • Had a total duration of thirty (30) hours over a period of four (4) weeks and included five (5) Teaching Modules, as follows:
    • Module 1: Familiarization with the working environment of the LAMS platform for blended learning
    • Module 2: Cultivating the autonomy of students in learning and introduction to basic concepts
    • Module 3. Utilization of good practices from the European area for blended learning
    • Module 4: Key parameters in self-directed learning
    • Module 5: e-Safety
  • The twenty-four (24) hours of participation were carried out asynchronously, with study of material and assignments on the LAMS platform, while the six (6) hours with face-to-face laboratory training.
  • The educational material was based on the Teacher’s Guidebook for Self-Directed and Blended Learning, one of the deliverables of the InnStation project.
  • Twenty-five (25) participants successfully completed and received a Certificate of Successful Completion.


The Innovation Station project aims to upgrade the digital skills of teacher and educators by providing resources and educational material. An additional prominent goal is to enhance the learning ability of students and undergraduate students. Moreover, the project aims to cultivate the autonomy of young people during their participation in online education and to develop the skills of self-directed and self-managed learning.

The Innovation Station project is co-funded by the Erasmus+ program of the European Union and is implemented by a consortium of five (5) partners from five (5) European countries (Greece, Belgium, Italy, Netherlands, Poland), where the Hellenic Open University takes part through the DAISSy Research Group.

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