Research Steps of Innovation Station Project

DAISSy Research Group of the Hellenic Open University (HOU), the partner representing Greece in the consortium of Innovation Station project, completed the first step of the research on “A new approach towards online and blended education” based on data from different European countries.

The research focuses on the value of online learning and how it is applied in modern schools. The study aims to offer an overview of the existing practices, tools, and methods for online blended teaching in European Union countries based on the experience of schools’ closure during the pandemic period. Accordingly, good practices of enabling effective distance learning environments for secondary and higher education teachers and students were explored and brought conclusions about the elements that encourage innovation in the formal education system of our era.

The first phase of the survey was desk research, a type of research where information is collected from existing sources, namely the literature review produced during the years 2020-2023. Suggested by all partners, more than 50 papers published in scientific journals and conferences covering a wide range of EU countries were studied to get initial ideas about specific topics and better understand the concept of online learning in formal education. Interesting conclusions were gathered, a pilot study was implemented, and the team was led to the next crucial research phase.

The second phase, being in process, is primary qualitative research which involves collecting and analyzing data based on specific methods. More specifically, based on structured interviews, the researchers study and analyze teachers’ and students’ experience to understand critical factors like how is independent learning performed by students, and how can it be developed and supported by teachers and the educational system. The research will provide more information about successful online teaching and learning alongside with the accomplishment of a prototype to be introduced to  educational policy makers at European level.

The results of this survey are expected soon.

Subsequently, the Innovation Station Erasmus+ Project will develop a MOOC for students, conduct policy guidelines and advance the skills of teachers for more effective and creative online learning.